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What are some of the biggest challenges facing space science today?

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Space science is facing several major challenges that include exploring the unknown, understanding our universe, and monitoring environmental conditions. Recently, there has been an increased interest in space exploration as the potential for new discoveries and advances in technology has never been greater.
One of the biggest goals of space science is to explore other planets and moons beyond our own galaxy. Currently, there are two active missions underway: NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter which will allow us to study its atmosphere and magnetic field;and China’s Chang’e 4 probe that will land on the surface of Pluto in 2019.
Space research also plays a vital role in understanding climate change. By studying Earth-orbiting satellites, we can monitor global temperatures, rainfall patterns, deep ocean currents, ice cover levels etc.; this information helps us understand how our environment is changing and provides insights into predicting future events like hurricanes or drought.– See more at: https://www.sciencedirectorx.com/science/article/pii/S0036543517300521#sthash 

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Some of the biggest challenges facing space science today include asteroid detection, understanding climate change in outer space, and studying exoplanets. Asteroid detection is critical for ensuring that we don’t threaten our planet with a potential disaster, while climate change in outer space has serious implications for our future.
Exoplanet research is also important because they could potentially harbor life forms different from ours and help us to better understand the universe as a whole. Additionally, by understanding how stars form and evolve, we can learn more about the origins of human existence. Space science continues to grow at an astounding rate and it is imperative that researchers keep up with new developments so they can make significant contributions to our understanding of everything around us!