DWQA QuestionsCategory: PhysicsCan light bend around corners?
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Can light bend around corners?

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Yes, light can bend around corners. This phenomenon is known as “refraction” and is the result of light passing through different mediums, such as glass or water, at different angles. When light passes through a medium, it changes direction, and when it passes through a corner, such as the edge of a pane of glass, the light bends and follows the shape of the corner. Refraction is also responsible for the phenomenon of optical illusions, where objects appear to be in different places than they actually are. For example, an object placed in a fish tank appears to be distorted and bent because of the refraction of light through the water. In addition to this, lenses, such as those used in cameras and eyeglasses, rely on the principle of refraction to create images that are magnified or otherwise altered from reality.